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Toxic Friendships – Let. It. Go.

Do you have that one friend who never has anything positive to tell you? You want to start a business – they are against you doing it. You want to change your hairstyle – “that wouldn’t suit you!”

You’re always the one who calls and reaches out to them? They are always criticizing you and/or other people with a self-righteous attitude. They can never be wrong, and even when they are, they never apologise.

Are they really your friend though?

Do they support you? There is a difference between telling you some home truths and flat out being a hater. Do they want you to choose?  Like it’s either them or no one.

I had one “friend” – everything was always a competition. I didn’t see it at the time but thank the Lord, I SAW THE LIGHT! If they fell out with someone (which happened regularly) a major sign to look out for btw, I was expected to stop talking to them as well. When something embarrassing happened to me (which happened a lot, I think I might actually be accident prone) they would yell it out to the world, so everyone would know about it. Loved to gossip. One thing to take note of – if they gossip to you, they will most definitely gossip about you. When I found out, it hurt, but I realised that I wasn’t crazy for having doubts, and I finally cut off all ties.

If you are around someone who is always saying they can’t stand drama, and drama always “finds” them? That’s because they ARE the drama. You don’t need that kind of dead energy.

You need to realise that your time, your friendship, your love, your energy is precious. Share those qualities with people who actually value you. It’s tough to cut people off, but when they’re draining you it’s worth it.

And if after reading this, you feel as though you may exhibit some of these behaviours, it’s never too late to do better, and be better.