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sheVestor Africa – Meet and Greet – Sierra Leone


Young African Women, more specifically those of us in West Africa, seldom have the opportunity to acquire financial literacy skills especially not from women who are thriving in the field of business. These women who are flourishing and surpassing all expectations either by owning their own business, or teaching skills about starting and nurturing a business, learning all the tricks of the trade and so on.

Young Sierra Leonean Women are becoming more empowered and it is thrilling to see women my age, and even older, not only following but actively chasing their dreams and excelling. Young women are drifting away from ‘traditional’ roles and jobs and are becoming entrepreneurs! Wanting to be more independent and being their own boss, some even start a businesses while studying various degrees.

This has to be recognized, and their efforts commended, because they are truly going after what they want.

Education for the female child is of such great importance, and this doesn’t have to stop once you leave University. Financial empowerment is a great form of independence and can be prominently beneficial to those of us who either want to start a business, or have started a business and need some support and guidance, or even if you want to learn and pick up new skills.

Meet and Greets, networking events, and workshops are great opportunities to socialise with, and learn a lot from like-minded individuals and experienced professionals from various fields and backgrounds.

What are you doing on Friday June 30th? Why not start with sheVestor Africa!


sheVestor Africa is a community that empowers young African women with financial knowledge to become financial literates and hone their financial skills in order to be financially empowered. Their  mission is to Inspire, Connect, Educate and Equip the community and spur them on to actively hone their financial skills and participate in Africa’s growth story.


sheVestor Africa presents #MeetnGreetSierraLeone, a one day  introduction, learning and networking event for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building  a stable financial life.


The event will introduce the #sheVestorAfrica  community to Sierra Leonens and create awareness on the importance of financial education in building financially stable young African women.  This must-attend event is free  and will have an expert-led session, a session with entrepreneurs who will share their financial journey among interesting fun activities.


Speakers for #MeetnGreetSierraLeone are :


  •  Christine Sesay  – Founder, Africa’s Moneypreneur and Co-founder, Freetown Business school.


  • Ariana Oluwole – Founder, Narnia Daycare.


Date :   30th Jun, 2017


Venue :  Africell American Corner, Bathurst street, Freetown.


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